Jim’s Dispatch Service, Inc. is your all in one truck dispatch and freight finding service.

truck dispatch service find freight load

Jim's truck dispatch service keeps my truck full and moving and I know I will get paid.

We have over 25 years experience in the industry and will help to negotiate the best possible rates for you and your fleet.

We will:

  • set you up directly with the brokers
  • fill out all the necessary paperwork to work with the best brokers
  • they will pay you directly

We look at multiple load boards to find your dry freight and refer loads, we will set up with only the brokers that we know will pay you.

We negotiate the highest rates we can on your behalf and take care of any problems that may arise while on the road.  Once we negotiate the best rates for you and your fleet, we will inform you of your freight options and you make the final decision.

Once you decide on a load to haul, we will:

  • dispatch your truck
  • give you directions
  • set your pick up and delivery appointments
  • and we will negotiate for more money with the brokers if any issues may arise.

We offer 24 hour service and are there for all your needs that may arise.  Your van and refrigerated trucks will be full, whether you have 1 truck or many.

truck dispatch service find freight loadYour time will be optimized as we can usually send you to the locations you want.  You will have very little down time in between loads.  We keep you working and do not leave your trucks stuck for days like some of these other dispatch services.  We are dedicated to all of our drivers.

No Contracts and Low Fees.

There are no contracts to fill out with us.  Once you decide to work with us, we will take care of all your truck dispatching needs and if at any time you decide you do not want to work with us, that is not a problem.

We offer a low service fee of 4.5% of any freight we find for you.  That is one of the lowest service fees in the industry, all while offering the most professional service possible.  We know that it is difficult to make money and that is why we charge only 4.5% of any load that we find.  Other dispatchers and brokers charge much higher fees and don’t care about the service they provide to their drivers.

FAQ: What you need to know about the best Truck Dispatcher!

Question: What if I choose not to take a freight load that you offer me?

Answer: We know that you may not like every load that we offer you, and if there is a load that does not suit your needs, then we will continue to look for a load that is acceptable for you.

Question: Does Jim’s Dispatch Service do the invoicing for my company and how do I get paid?

Answer: We can do the invoicing for you for a small fee of $15 per invoice.  All the brokers will pay you directly, and how quickly you get paid depends on the broker.

Question: Do I need to fill out any broker set up packets for brokers that I have never done business with?

Answer: No.  We will fill out all packets for you.

Question: What brokers do you conduct business with and which load boards do you look at?

Answer: We only do business with the brokers that  have a good reputation and that we know will pay you.  We look at the C.H. Robinson load board, Landstar load board and internet truckstop load board.

Question: What do you need from me in order to begin work?

Answer: We need three things from you:

  • a copy of your proof of insurance,
  • your W-9,
  • your MC authority paper.

Question: Do I need to fill out any contracts in order to begin working with you?

Answer: No.  There are no contracts to fill out with us, we only need the three items mentioned above in order to begin working together.

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